Brightspace Training Catalog

The Brightspace Training Catalog includes a variety of training opportunities for administrators and instructors to immerse themselves in learning about the Brightspace Platform. With almost 40 sessions covering a variety of topics and skill levels, these informative sessions will engage and encourage curiosity. Including both webinar and workshop style sessions, participants can watch, learn, practice and grow in their Brightspace knowledge.

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A webinar is an engaging online event where training is delivered to a large 
audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and
using other available interactive tools 

An interactive training engagement where participants actively practice
(and potentially received feedback on) specific skills

DURATION: 1 - 2 hours* DURATION: 2 - 6 hours* 
PARTICIPANT MAXIMUMS: Unlimited* PARTICIPANT MAXIMUMS: 8 for administrator topics, 12 for instructor topics* 
Topics include: Brightspace Instructor Essentials, Getting Started with Brightspace,
Content, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades, Intelligent Agents, Quick Eval & Class
Progress and many more!
Topics include: Build Your Course, Focus on Facilitation, Creating & Curating
Content, Creating Instructor Presence in Your Online Classroom, Administrator
Refresh, Designing Accessible Courses and many more!

*refer to the Brightspace Training Catalog for information on specific sessions


Brightspace Training Immersion: An instructional webinar series that focuses on key tools to get you started with Brightspace. In less than an hour, participants learn a new workflow for setting up a learning activity and for promoting engagement.

Feature 360: Explore the advanced features of a Brightspace tool in depth, including the different perspectives, effective practices and troubleshooting.

Advanced Instructor Tools: Take your skills to the next level in this series on instructor tools.

Connections: Learn about Brightspace Partners in this informative series of webinars.

AMA: Ask me Anything Q&A session with a D2L expert. Participants bring their questions, get answers and learn about other Brightspace resources.


These sessions are designed for administrators, instructors, course managers, facilitators and support staff who will be developing courses, teaching using Brightspace, or supporting those who are facilitating instruction.


Live Virtual Classroom.


Training is sold in blocks of 2 hours. Make sure to purchase enough training to cover all the sessions you need e.g. If you need 3 Brightspace Instructor Essentials sessions (2 hours each) make sure to purchase 3 blocks of training (6 hours total). Training cannot be sold in 1-hour segments.

Once your order is received D2L will contact you within 2 business days to schedule your session.

Our lead time is typically 3 to 4 weeks from the date of request but can be higher during peak times which are typically June, July and August.

While we will make every effort to accommodate your preferred dates, scheduling of sessions will be dependent on the availability of a suitable delivery resource.


Select The Number of Blocks Needed

Select Dates/Schedule Delivery Method Seats Remaining Price
1 block of training (2 hours) Live Virtual Classroom $USD1,000.00
2 blocks of training (4 hours) Live Virtual Classroom $USD1,800.00
3 blocks of training (6 hours) Live Virtual Classroom $USD2,400.00
4 blocks of training (8 hours) Live Virtual Classroom $USD3,200.00
5 blocks of training (10 hours) Live Virtual Classroom $USD4,000.00